Saturday, 21 March 2015

Nigerian Election Is All About You And I And Not About Our Politicians

Before you refute what I am about to say, please take time to digest it. Nigeria is growing! We are on the move to development. The railway is said to be functioning, there are many new universities, there are thousands of new jobs created everywhere in the country. The federal government is working. There is also a new political awareness that has erupted from nowhere. For the first time in our history, we have an opposition party capable of awakening the ruling party from their political slumber. Brief, I think no one can contest that Nigeria of today is no longer that of yesterday. Even the youths have finally taking up the political battle. They are now the real occupant of online political arena. Our electioneering has also known a new but unfortunate development: from pulpit to online massive character assassination. It is a novelty in the annals of Nigerian politics and it impresses me a lot.  Many unemployed youths have even gotten online campaigning jobs, twitting from different accounts at a time and commenting from one social platform to another. But can we really call that job?
In fact, this is the issue I want to address. The plight of the youth in Nigeria of today. Since I grew up, I have never seen any political campaign that have drawn our attention like this. Should we begin to think that the youths are now taking into their hands what rightly belongs to them? Are they becoming decision makers and point of view shifters in our national political battle? Many would say yes and they might not be totally wrong. But my interest is still not there.
My interest, seems to be focused on two words that surfaced most in this political campaign. They are change and innovation. These are the keywords of our two major political parties. I really appreciate their expertise in fixing us on what they claim is the meaning of those words.
But Alas! Let us not lose focus. What do they really mean by Change and Innovation? Do they want to change all these good things we have named? Are they to change all the job opportunity created by this government? Are they going to change the new Universities we have built within the few years of this government? Are they going to change the new railways lines? Are they going to change all the scholarships that the Federal Government have granted in the recent years? Are they going to change the New Warships that have just been lunched? Are they going to change the presidential fitness rally program? What really do they really intend changing? What have they been able to achieve in their respective areas of work? What are the evidence that they are really going to change anything for good? [Please help me out with your answers]
But then, wait! Are these really what we call innovation? I heard uncountable number of job opportunity were created. How did it effect you as a person. I mean you who is reading this write-up now? How many from your family or village got employment? How many Nigerians are out there fighting to get admission? How have those new universities reduced the number of students dying to get admission? Who in your family or village got the said scholarship? What is innovation in buying (if they were not American Greek gift) warships while our soldiers are dying in Maiduguri? How has the railway line reduced poverty in your village? What do we call innovation in all these? Please, don’t start commenting yet!
I really do not have the intention of talking about the political programs of these political parties. I am interested in you as a youth. How many hours a day do you spend reading about this election? How much do you spend on data since the election became the talk of the year? How many hours do you pass checking those who are supporting «your Political Party»? How many hours do you spend refuting or supporting Femi Kayode and his likes who are paid to write their articles? How many people have you insulted and have insulted you because of your diversity of opinions?
The issue is with You and I! We are the real victims of this system. I am very sure that after the elections, the politicians will reconcile and share the national cake between them leaving us in abject poverty.
Let us reason together and vote wisely. Let us begin already to accept the outcome of the elections. The troubles you are thinking of causing in this election will never affect neither Buhari nor Jonathan. It will never affect their children or relatives. It is only going to affect you, your relatives, your village and your generation. The earlier we accept that we are being used the better. My concern is you as a youth. Show your maturity even in politely putting forward your argument vis-à-vis this write up instead of defending your ego and fighting back as if I insulted your uncle or parents.  Nigeria is you and I and not the politicians for they do not feel the real pain of our society.

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