Sunday, 15 March 2015

Did You Know That This Is What Nigerian Politicians Want You To Do? By Amattah Otito

Buhari's Child, Zara is paying over £40,000 [12 million Naira] as school fees, developing her future and career. Jonathan's children have been moved to London for studies and residence while developing their career and living in affluence. Atiku Abubakar’s children are abroad schooling. Tinubu's children are abroad studying and living in affluence. They are all developing and investing in their children to continue to rule us after they have gone. You are there as a jobless graduate, wearing APC and PDP customized vest and Polo, chanting Change! Holding brooms and carrying umbrellas chanting Transformation! Killing yourselves, fomenting trouble and constituting nuisance to the society because of peanuts that can't make you a better person. Even if you have no paying jobs, why not do apprentice or learn a skill that will make you more productive today in the society. Why not do volunteering jobs instead of looking for big pay jobs? Stop being a disgrace to your discipline. Stop wearing APC vest and carrying PDP umbrellas because that is the wish of politicians for you. They know that if you have a good job, they can't  manipulate and use you as thugs or propagandists. If Buhari will not bring all his ten children to the Street for campaign and Jonathan will not bring his children and blood brothers to the street for campaign, then you are a disgrace to your family if you do not stop masquerading yourself as PDP and APC agents, because up till now, we have never seen Buhari or Jonathan's children on the street wearing APC vest and holding brooms, neither have I seen Jonathan's children carrying the PDP umbrella even on social media let alone in the street. A word is enough for the wise.

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