Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Thank You ! It Seems Just Like Yesterday

On a day like this, (My One Year Anniversary as a Catholic Priest of the O.M.I), the only thing that can have meaning in my head is saying Thank You! Saying Thank you, first to God who started this good work in me. Thank you to my parents who accepted to give birth birth to me, in a world where, unfortunately, not every Child has right to be born. Thank You, to my family who loved me and thought me how to love. It was in this family I learnt the value of love and life. Thank you to this family who thought me how to fight for my right; how to appreciate what I have and how to accept not to have what I cannot have because I cannot have it. Thank you to every member of this family of eleven who has made me understand better the Igbo Adage: «Otu nne n'amu ma otu chi anaghi eke» – Each child, even though from the same mother, is unique. Thank You, to these seven soldiers and four Amazons that made up my family for by your love and respect, I have learnt how to love and respect not only humanity but the cosmos in general. I love you all.

Thank You also, to my relatives who have in one way or the other made me whom I am. I lack words to express my heart felt gratitude. To all my classmates in both primary and secondary school, I say Thank You earnestly.  You were all instrumental to my formation.

To my formators, both in Minor Seminary and in Scholasticates, I say Thank You very much. If not for your instructions and care, maybe I would not have endured to the end.

And to my friends and well-wishers, I say, Thank You. Thank You for accepting me as your friend. Thank You for allowing me to love you and for loving me. In hard moments, your love reassures me of a better tomorrow. Thank You for you give me every reason to forge ahead. Thank You for accepting my caprice and short comings. Thank You for being You.

And to my dear Oblate brothers, I say a bigger Thank you. You have been my immediate family since I started my formation. And since then, I have always passed 95% of my time among you. We have come to overcome our differences. Our different points of view of the world did not prevent us from loving those to whom we were sent.

Last but not the least, Thanks to You who is reading this post. Without you, all I have written here would have fallen on a stone. If you ask me what I have learnt in this one year, I would say that I have learnt to start afresh every day.

Thank You! thank You! Thank You! 

Ali C. Nnaemeka, O.M.I (Oblate of Mary Immaculate)


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