Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Daily reflections, Tuesday 18th Match 2014

The readings of the day
1st reading: Isaiah 1:10.16-20
Resp. Psalm: Psalm 50:8-9.16b-17:21.23
Gospel Matthew 23:1-12
One of the major and ancient problems of humanity is to distinguish between religiosity and spirituality. The ambiguity that exists between them is without doubt due to man's shallow understanding of what really matters in life. While religiosity is more of the way in which man re-links with his creator spirituality is more of the outcome or fruit of this relationship. The problem that's generally associated with the former is that seldom it has to do with external practices whereas the later has to do with mature fruit of a deep relationship.
In today's readings, in the three, we observe a clear distinction between the two phenomenons. Whereas the first reading and the responsorial psalm are condemning religious practices (religiosity) that are arbitrary to a deep (spiritual) relationship between God and man the Gospel is sounding a strong note on why our religious practices must be coherent with our daily life.
In fact, according to the three readings, what matters most is not the rate at which we are religious but the much that our religiosity renders us spiritual. And in all, the best way to know the level of spirituality of a religious man is to observe his relationship with others. How he helps the weak, how he fights for a just world, how he cares for the orphan, for the needy, the widows etc.
At last let's remember that: "the world will be a better place if and only if every religion seeks the face of God that is in the neighbour". Alison-omi

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