Monday, 17 March 2014

Daily reflection, Monday 17th Match 2014.

The readings of the day
Daniel 9: 4b-10
Psalm 79:
Luke 6:36-38
The two major adjectives that  better qualify the Theo-Israelite relationship in the Old Testament could be summarized in maternal and paternal care. The paternal aspect of this relationship made God strike the people whenever they arred. And his maternal affection made him bring them back to their land at the end of their every purification.
In the first reading of today, the people are faced with the reality of God's faithfulness being put in doubt. He promised through Ezekiel that he was to liberate them after 70 years of their exile. But he tarries beyond this prophecy. This particular incident puts the maternal aspect of their relationship into question.
But prophet Daniel in one of his rare literary devices shows that God's faithfulness can never change. He insist that God is faithful even amidst the people's unfaithfulness.
In the Gospel too Jesus takes up a related discussion. He teaches that it is in the measure with which we treat others that we will be treated.
Let's then begin to show mercy to others in other to obtain God's mercy.

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