Thursday, 26 September 2013

If you are a sinner where will you go?

 In one of his best preachings, The Injury time, Pastor Chidi Okoro Afor asked a vital question on religious proliferation. Pastor Chidi, after examining the rate at which religious houses grow, mainly in Nigeria, asked what a sinner could do when he comes to a building inhabiting four different churches? Though funny a question, it's of a vital importance in a society like ours.
As a matter of fact, the rate at which religious houses erupt in Nigeria is quite alarming. The different between their denominations are very small. All they do is to change a single word or verb to form a new church. A good example could be seen in names like Church of God, Church of Jesus Christ, Church of Christ in Jesus etc.
The major question is why do we have such daily formation of different churches in Nigeria? What are really the different between all these churches? Are Nigerians more religious with more churches formed?
Permit me to differ immediately for I am of the opinion that it's the contrary. The rate at which evil grow in Nigeria is also quite alarming.
I had a walk in a small town in Orlu, Imo state. I discovered that between Obibi Ochasi and Ihiteowerre, the number of churches are almost uncountable. And that's just the case of Ocha-asato. Who knows how the case in your own area? Does more religious houses mean more moral maturity in your village or the contrary?

''The truth might be hard to say, painful to bear or even drastic for the truth sayer but still needed to be said''. ALISON.