Wednesday, 10 October 2012

MTN Nigeria’s 43 million subscribers get security numbers By Bukola Adeyemi

The introduction of the  four-digit security number for network protection in Nigeria by the MTN could be a proof that their is the possibility of controlling e-communications in Nigeria. The State Security Agency should find a way of exploiting such a technological advancement to fight the use of phones and The Internet, in scamming, stealing and Kidnapping operations that has rendered Nigerian image unworthy of a giant that she should have been. Here is the presentation of the four-digit security number for network protection.

 TELECOMMUNICATIONS firm, MTN Nigeria, has provided its over 43 million subscribers a four-digit security number for network protection.
The four digit security number, according to MTN is aimed at significantly improving customer experience on the MTN network by empowering customers to resolve most of their issues using a number of avenues, including telephone and the internet.
Beside, the security number will also protect subscribers on the network against mobile fraud.

Speaking in Lagos yesterday at a press conference to intimate the public about the initiative, the General Manager, Corporate Communication, MTN Nigeria, Funmi Omogbenigun, stressed that the security number is an existing initiative, associated with phone lines, launched during the customer week to demonstrate that MTN subscribers are important.
Giving more insight into the initiative, MTN Nigeria Customer Relations Executive, Akin Braithwaite, said the number offers security and protection from mobile fraud while providing a distinctive identity on the network.
Braithwaite declared that over the years, the telecommunications company has got cases of identity theft, where fraudulent act are being carried out with a customer’s MTN SIM, “for this reason MTN came up with the security number strategy.
“The security number is simple and difficult. It is simple in the sense that is made up of the Customer ID of 12 digits and the secret number of four digits. It is difficult because you must have the combination of both to break into my phone.”
He explained that the numbers are very important, hence, “subscribers must not disclosed it to anyone as MTN would not be held responsible for any loss resulting from the disclosure of the security number” he stated.
Braithwaite said that MTN would send the security number via short message service (SMS) and electronic mail (email), where email is available to all registered subscribers.
The introduction of the number, Braithwaite said, was another first by MTN in the industry, adding that although the service was conceived a while ago, the process and system needed time to be designed, developed and tested to be error-proof to ensure a smooth implementation.
The security number according to him “is very important and customers must protect it, keep it private and not disclose it to anyone. MTN Nigeria he added will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the disclosure of the number to third parties.”
The MTN Customer Relation Executive advised registered subscribers who have not received the security number to visit the Walk-in centres, web services or call customer care line on 180.
Source: The Guardian

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