Friday, 23 March 2012

The World News in Brief: A quick look at both the National and the International actualities and News by Alison

The dialogue between Boko Haram and the Federal government of Nigeria that was lastly said to have failed seems to have recommenced. The FG and the Boko Haram, a terrorist group who have rendered the Jonathan led government ungovernable and have brought term to the life of more than 1200 people since its beginning in the year 2009.
From certain sources, the FG and the Boko Haram have engaged in an indirect talk to bring to end the sporadic killings and bombing of public infrastructures, Churches Mosques, bars etc. The group who though deny the fact, has recently been named as responsible for the recent execution of two western hostages, has appeared to be beyond the governmental control and therefore carry out their killings and lootings almost undisturbed. 
Do you ask yourself why every year, billions of dollars are set apart to fight poverty?
Do you come to question the efficiency of that measure? From all indications, the campaign instead of reducing poverty makes the gap between the rich and the poor wider than normal. The rich becomes richer and the poor poor and poorer. Why has it been so?
Joel Elliott examines this situation in his article: “Why the World Bank has no real intentions of reducing poverty”, In this article, he criticizes the idea according to which the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, we may add, congratulates itself for slashing poverty, while global hunger soars. This situation according to Eliot is "is a massive crime against humanity."
A one year old baby is reported to have been abandoned in Enugu. The baby according to a statement by the State Police Public Relations, PPRO, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, was allegedly abandoned by the mother who had reportedly gone to worship at a certain church situated at No. 8, Umuaniabor Street, Garki, Awkunanaw, in Enugu South Local Government Area of the state on March 18.
As the investigation goes on, the Child is reported to have been handed over to the Motherless baby home in the Holy Ghost Cathedral Enugu[1]
As the office of the President of the World Bank draws closer to its end, many speculations has been going on as to who will occupy this important sit which America, as the highest shareholder of the World Bank has always succeeded either to occupy or to decide who occupies it.
However, among the candidates, who all things being equal, have the opportunity of chairing this important World Institution, is the Nigerian Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Ngozi, who from her past experiences, both National and International, should be one of the best candidates in the list, has received back up from African Finance Ministers. 
South Africa, who occupies one of the rare three seats allocated to the Continent, is said to be organizing a conference today to announce her candidacy.
The power sector that has always remained the poorest sector in Nigerian development embarrassed the quasi indifferent feeling Nigerian Authority recently when a total blackout paralyzed the Abuja Airport. The hypothesis according to which the blackout was said to have been due to faulty generators in use at the Airport seems to have been proved false as other sources reveal that it was caused by poor maintenance of electrical Installations at the airport, observes The THISDAY.
Though, the situation has been temporarily restored, the power sector remains a turn in the flesh of the most populated Country of Africa, after all the promises and expenditures carried out by almost all the regime, both past and present.


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