Thursday, 22 March 2012

World News in brief: A personal daily observation of the fast moving World by Alison

From the North through the west, the day has been full of stories ranging from good news through unfavorable ones. The major ones are the imminent travel of the Pope Benedict XVI, Coup d'état in Mali, the decision of UN asking the Colombo government to investigate the killings that took place during the long lasted civil war, the death of Mohamed Mera after a 30 hours of attempt to bring him under control by the French military. The points in detail: 
Pope Benedict XVI is travelling tomorrow effectuating his second apostolic visit to the Latin America. The visit will take the Pope from Mexico through Cuba. From the Papal Nuncio to Mexico, the Pope is highly waited for by the people of Mexico. He will be passing two days in Mexico before moving to Cuba.
The UN voted today for the long awaited move to make the Sri-Lankan government prosecute those who were involved in illegal killings during a nearly 30 years civil war that took place in this biggest Ireland. The move was raised by the US government and supported by the Nigerian and Cameroonian governments. It is a welcomed development for many Sri Lankans who have always waited for this important aspect of the Sri Lanka history.
A military junta that commenced yesterday night has brought to an the regime of President Amadou Toumani Touré. The junta that brought to term the regime of President Touré was announced yesterday night as an ordinary protesting of soldiers but was said to have turned from street protest to a well planned Coup d’état. After many hours of move, the army took over power and declared a curfew and suspension of all instants of the past regime. There has been a unanimous condemnation of the new military regime by the UN and other important Governments.
The rebel led government claimed to have carried out the junta in order to bring to an end the continuous attack of the northern Mali by the Tuaregs. They insist that the former government have proved to be incapable of protecting the northern citizens from the incessant attack of the North Malian rebels known as Tuaregs.   
Mohamed Mera, the dangerous gunman that carried out the killings at the Jewish School of Toulouse, France and who is said to be responsible for the death of other four policemen has been killed. The French youth of Algerian origin, who wished to die with arm at hand was finally killed after a 30 hours of arrest attempt failed to bring a positive result. The young man, just as he wished, finally died well armed.
Mera was said to have entered into contact with Islamic extremists likely during his two visits to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Shortly after his death, the French president Nicholas Sarkozy made two important declarations. He said that henceforth, any individual that is involved in dubious consultation of websites linked to terrorism will be prosecuted and that all suspicious traveling should be giving a close observation.
Next Saturday, the US Catholics will take on a manifestation against the famous Obama health reformation that will oblige every American to indirectly participate in the financing of such health assurances like abortion and related health fields that’s against the Catholic ethics.
The UN, more to backing the Kofi Anan led peace and reconciliation group in Syria sent a group of experts in RD Congo to investigate the recent post electoral violence and unjustified arrest of the oppositions by the Kabila Jr, led Government. 

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